Coming off of a team meeting, I wanted to think about ways in which I could reduce specific language that is either 1.) not accessible or lacks specification or 2.) has negative associations. << In the article, the author discusses the use of filler words ("um, like, you know", etc.) and their impact or lack of impact, and how the use of these fillers "diminishes impact", and, in my view, stimulates uncertainty. One commitment that I wanted to make to myself based on this article and the team's discussion is to slow down, reduce fillers, and speak concisely and specifically. Something else that came out of the team meeting tension surrounding the use of common phrases that are riddled with negative connotation, such as "does that make sense?" << While this phrase isn't addressed in the article here, it does address other common phrases that prompt a reframe. In thinking about how I could do better in this one area, I'm left feeling that there are a number of areas in which I could reframe my thinking. I'm interested in hearing other language tips and tricks, as well as ways to reframe based on my own two pain points mentioned above!

Posted by jlolar at 2023-02-23 15:58:05 UTC