Work-life balance is all the rave in today’s world. It’s a positive concept, but is it real? Sometimes I think it’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It sounds nice, but it doesn’t exist. What happens when you do not give your all during standard work hours? You’re cutting it close to deadlines. You stared at the screen for 3hrs but didn’t touch your keyboard. Mentally you could not be your “best” self. Do you sign back in during the late-night hours to catch up on your workload? Do you FEEL obligated to log in when everyone else is logged off? Should you log back in or try the following business day? At what point is it okay for our work-life balance to be unbalanced? Maybe it’s the phrase that has people choked up. Perhaps we should learn how to have a healthy relationship with work instead, which can look various ways based on you and your preference. Not everything in life should be balanced, but it should make sense!

Posted by tsconiers at 2023-03-31 01:01:05 UTC