Yesterday I saw a post on my Instagram from a queer-owned jewelry store that I follow asking for opinions on an email they received from a customer. The organization had sent out a mass marketing email showcasing their jewelry ahead of Mother's Day, and the email they received was in response. The recipient (and former customer) was upset that they received the marketing email, noting that Mother's Day, and holidays like it, are difficult for some, and that, as a queer-owned company, the jewelry store should strive to be more progressive. The store didn't see the fault in sending out the marketing email, as corporations blast ads day and night until holidays like Mother's Day. While the opt-in marketing started a few years ago, it has made some ground. Does this mean that all organizations, no matter their size, should reduce their marketing and communications strategy to opt-in? Is it as feasible for a smaller organization to do that as it is for a larger organization? Article discussing early strategies in this regard:

Posted by jlolar at 2023-04-26 13:12:16 UTC